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March of 1985, a real estate developer and his partner make their first move on Kings Bluff, a mostly undeveloped hunting and fishing club on the coast of Georgia. The developer’s ethics reek; his partner’s skills reflect his early training in Hitler’s Germany.

ABBEY TAYLOR BUNN, a spunky Atlanta Realtor, longs for the place of her childhood. The minute she divorces the abusive man who kept her from there, she returns to Kings Bluff on Georgia’s coast. Sitting on a dock in the dark, she’s surprised by a blacked out plane buzzing low over the river. Moments later, a rifle crack shatters the spring night and Abbey’s plans to chill. Having just rid herself of her spousal threat, the thirty-five year old has a new battle to fight, but she won’t be alone.

TOM CLARK, an Atlanta lawyer, is told his wife LUCINDA was killed in a one-car accident near Kings Bluff. She had told Tom she was going to North Carolina. A handwritten note Tom found connects Lucinda to the hunting club. When Tom learns what Abbey observed hours before Lucinda’s death, he wants to compare notes. At first Abbey is leery of this stranger. How can a car accident have anything to do with Kings Bluff? But hadn’t she only recently rescued HANK CONRAD, a sailor shot and left for dead that first night? Abbey warms to Tom’s suppositions when he tells her he believes Lucinda was murdered. Anything is possible.

To find out what’s going on, Abbey and Tom partner; a repaired Hank investigates solo. The partners discover that Lucinda shared her hotel room with a man. Abbey makes calls, learns the name JUD ISCARIO, an Atlanta developer interested in Georgia’s coast. Tom recognizes Jud’s name. It was on Lucinda’s handwritten note. Hank confirms the identity of his shooter, a threat from Hank’s secretive past. The three plot to put an end to Iscario’s operation.

The partners participate in a sting operation while Hank goes free-lance. On a hunch and a high tide, they bag Iscario and accomplices and all are jailed. Jud learns jail is a dangerous place; Tom, after discovering Lucinda had several indiscretions, goes AWOL.

Devastated by Tom’s disappearance, Abbey returns to Kings Bluff with her mother. Tom, who reappears to make amends with Abbey, is the first to discover the arsonist, one of Jud’s minions with an axe to grind; Abbey, second on the scene, takes aim and fires.

With all immediate threats finally gone, Abbey returns to Kings Bluff knowing the fight to preserve who and what she loves will always be her challenge.

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About The Author

M. Z. Thwaite Beaufort, SC

M. Z. THWAITE is the author of the literary suspense novel Tidewater Rip in which she shares her life-long love affair with Georgia’s golden coast. A licensed Realtor since 1983, she continues to enjoy the simple pleasures of the hunting and fishing club on the coast of Georgia co-founded by her maternal grandfather. She grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and lives in Beaufort, South Carolina with her artist husband, Steve Weeks of Riverton, NJ.

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